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Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

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Asian paddy fields are typical landscapes that inspire collective unconcious since ever. They have undoubtedly something both magical and mystical, something that goes far beyond people and animals dedicating their time to looking after small sprouts in big water ponds.
Maybe it’s the devotion workers have, maybe it’s that slow motion slowness in their movements, the calmness, the tranquillity and silence to make them magical.

Those seeds that we love so much with scampi cream are made in this quiet and pacifical landscapes, though in asian cultures rice is consumed mostly plain. Visiting a rice field can be an unique experience, sleeping inside a rice field is nonpareil.
In Chian Mai, northen Thailand, the world-famous hotel chain Four Seasons offers the chance to vist a paddy field. The Resort rises just about a true terrace rice field and you can admire daily those tiny figures bending over to catch a little sprout or leading an ox into some specific place.
Peace has its home here and the typical thai friendliness flavors everything else.

Foto di Four Seasons

Foto di Four Seasons

Many of the dishes served in the resort’s restaurants are produced directly inside the structure. As a matter of fact the resort has, in addition to the rice field, extensive fields in which they can grow several types of greens. In the afternoon you can have some tea on the terraces overlooking the paddy and admire a spectacular and surreal sunset.

The menu varies according to the season and availabilty of singular products. Inside the Resort are also grown edible flowers, bizarre but extremely beautiful. These are flowers on all accounts but they have the particular characteristic of beeing beautiful as much as tasty. Customers have also the chance to attend thai cooking lessons held by the chef of the structure. For those who are less acquainted with kitchens there are also little bartending lessons in which you will be able to familiarize with typical thai liqueurs.

The resort has a wide offer: many restaurants, lounge bar and Spa are at customer disposal. The competence is unique as much as the environment and they are both absolutely thai. The rooms are little houses scattered across the paddy field, minutely decorated according to the place’s magnificent culture. Attention for detail is the key word in this Four Seasons, which more than shelter offers a true full immersion in an ancient-Asia environment.

by Mario Enrique Morlè

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